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The Artist (Known As Prince) MC7 Emancipation EMI NPG 7243 8 54982 4 4 Sigillata

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A1 Jam Of The Year
A2 Right Back Here In My Arms
A3 Somebody's Somebody
A4 Get Yo Groove On
A5 Courtin' Time
A6 Betcha By Golly Wow!
B1 We Gets Up
B2 White Mansion
B3 Damned If (Eye) Do
B4 (Eye) Can't Make You
B5 Mr. Happy
B6 In This Bed (Eye) Scream
C1 Sex In The Summer
C2 One Kiss At A Time
C3 Soul Sanctuary
C4 Emale
C5 Curious Child
C6 Dreamin' About U
C7 Joint 2 Joint
D1 The Hole River
D2 Let's Have A Baby
D3 Saviour
D4 The Plan
D5 Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife
E1 Slave
E2 New World
E3 The Human Body
E4 Face Down
E5 La,la,la Means (Eye) Love U
E6 Style
F1 Sleep Around
F2 Da,Da,Da
F3 My Computer
F4 One Of Us
F5 The Love We Make
F6 Emancipation
Artista / Artist:
The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) ‎
Titolo / Title:
Formato / Format:
MC7 Musicassetta
Genere / Genre:
Funk / Soul
Etichetta / Label:
NPG Records ‎– 7243 8 54982 4 4
Anno / Released:
Stampa / Country:
Condizioni / Condition:
Sigillato / Sealed
Barcode / Ean: